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Time Traveling

Hexad: The Factory - Al K. Line

*I won a copy of Hexad: The Factory on Booklikes in exchange for an honest review. 


I just finished reading Hexad: The Factory which is a book about time travel. The first couple of chapters really had my head spinning. The main characters, Amanda and Dale, and how they initiated the time travel events, were introduced. The theory on why they thought digging up their garden would produce a time travel gadget- the Hexad, and how the Hexad actually worked was very confusing. I definitely think those chapters and their back and forth dialogue on figuring out time travel needs to be clarified and cut down. The characters in the book were confused and I was even more confused. Once I got past alot of that dialogue and the plot focused more on Amanda and Dale saving the world from time travel, the story became easier to follow. There were several places however, that need to be edited for grammar and incorrect sentence structure.

Toward the end of the book, Dale revealed the warehouse full of Amandas and Amanda and Dale decided that eradicating all of the Amanda's would be the right way to save the world. I thought that section on why Amanda's body was selected to make the Hexad in the first place needs to be expanded on and how Amanda's body actually made the Hexad function needs to be clarified. 

(show spoiler)

Moving to the very end, I thought the cliffhanger was great! Even though I had a few bumps along the way, the ending made up for it. If I had a Hexad, I would use it to read the sequel now!