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The Chase is On!

The Z Murders - J. Jefferson Farjeon

The Z Murders is a Golden Age mystery being re-released by British Library Crime Classics and Poisoned Pen Press. One of the main characters, Richard Temperley, ends up in a cat and mouse chase after the man he boarded a train with ends up dead at the same hotel they both arrive at, after departing the train. Temperley sees a pretty girl leaving the scene but believes she is innocent so he decides to drop everything else he has going on to track her down and help her out.  Of course, she isn't very cooperative, she's secretive and leaves him hanging most of the time. If it were me, after the first brush off,  I probably would have left her to her own devices but hey I'm not a man or in love with her. Yeah, she was a little irritating to say the least but Temperley is set on chasing a skirt and a murderer. The prose and dialogue between characters had a Dorothy Sayers flare to it and for me, I have a hard time following her writing style so I had the same problems with this book. It gets easier to follow though, the more you read and get into the flow of it. The second half of the story revolves around a car chase and it was a lot more enjoyable then the first, I thought. I have also read Thirteen Guests by Farjeon and I really liked it a lot but if you're a fan of Sayers you should definitely like this one.


**I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press in exchange for an honest review.

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