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Fight for Peculiardom

Library of Souls - Ransom Riggs

The story continues from book two with Emma, Jacob and Addison in the phone booth of the London train station being attacked by a Hollowgast. From there, they continue on their quest to save their Peculiar friends and stop the Wights from their mission to rule Peculiardom. I asked myself last night, if I had to pick which book of the series I liked the best, which one would I choose? I honestly couldn't decide because I loved all three books. They each were unique in their own way but they were all a lot of fun and very well-written and thought out. I also loved the feel of being on adventure from start to finish and of course I loved the included pictures. I thought the ending of this last book wrapped up the story very nicely. Although, it doesn't sound like there are going to be any future installments which is rather depressing. If that's the case, I'm really going to miss those Peculiar children! They are without a doubt one-of-a-kind!