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Reading is my passion! I'll read anything if it looks good & sounds good. I'm also a sucker for books with unique settings & I'd choose Hardcovers over E-Books any day! : ) -Empress Reece

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Persuasion (Heirs of Watson Island) by Boone, Martina (October 27, 2015) Hardcover - Martina Boone

Perfect title for this book because it's going to take some "persuasion" for me to read any further. Absolutely nothing exciting has happened yet and I'm half way into the book already! Plus I'm tired of listening to the main character Barrie a.k.a. Bear brood about whether she should keep certain secrets from Eight and Pru. First she decides to keep the secrets, then its no, I should probably tell but I'll just wait for now then it's I have a great idea, I think I'll persuade Seven to tell Eight then he can't be mad at me yadda  yadda yadda...it's turned into a bad daytime soap opera with no action.