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A Molly Christmas

— feeling surrender
Away in a Manger - Rhys Bowen

This was a nice heartwarming Christmas story to read during the holidays. It will put you in a festive mood, however, I've read the entire Molly Murphy series and I still liked them a lot better when Molly was a detective with her own agency and wasn't married to Daniel, her old-fashioned prig of a husband. I'm just tired of hearing Daniel complain about her detecting and complain about her friends and I'm tired of seeing Molly play the semi-obedient housewife. That story line is so played out and there was some of that again in this book. It wasn't as bad as the last several books though but it was still there. I keep hoping that the Bowen will just write Daniel out of the picture or at least give Molly back her detective agency and find some way for her to be able to have a career again and work in peace, free of her whining husband. I actually got really excited while I was reading, because for a second I thought my wish had been granted, but unfortunately that Christmas miracle was not to be.


**I received this ARC through FirstReads in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!