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Mandodrage Meadows....

Gated - Amy Christine Parker

Mandodrage Meadows is the name of the community that the "chosen" people in Gated live in but it's not just any community. Mandodrage is actually an anagram for Armageddon. Congrats to YouKneek &  Passionate About Books for guessing correctly!! : )


After 9/11, Pioneer, the leader of the community & "prophet", chose families (hence the "chosen"), to come and live in this secluded community to escape the evils of the outside world and prepare for the end of the world which his "visions" told him was very near.


This book produced so many emotions in me! If you ever followed the Waco story or read about Charles Manson's life you will see the similarities in this story. It was amazing how charismatic the leader, Pioneer, was. He had me almost believing in him. LoL The author does such a great job of showing you how these leaders and "prophets" think and act and she really makes you sympathize with the families that have chosen this way of life. I don't believe in it myself but I think have a better understanding of how these people become members of these cults (a term which they do not like) and fall under the spell of these leaders and "prophets." It was just a very eye opening and moving story. A lot of the kids that were in this community, grew up within it, so they have no knowledge of the outside world. They've never even had fountain drinks or seen a tablet, like an Ipad before! It was just an amazing glimpse into this world. A definite-must read!


If you like audio books, I would recommend listening to the audio version to get the full experience because the narrator is also fantastic!