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Breaking Wild - Diane Les Becquets

Breaking Wild is much more than a survival story. It's a story about loss and grief, infidelity, sexual addiction and finding your way not only in the wilderness but in life. I had no idea going into this book that it touched on so many issues but it was pleasantly surprising.


The main character, Amy Raye loves bow hunting and being out in the woods. Her husband understands her love for the sport but doesn't share her passion so he stays home while she goes on an Elk hunting trip with two of her guy friends. Unbeknownst to her husband though, their marriage is in trouble so this trip for Amy is also a time for reflection. Toward the end of the trip though she still hasn't snagged an Elk so she leaves her friends back at camp and sets out real early on her own to hunt by herself. She encounters a number of obstacles during her hunt and ends up losing her way. A search and rescue party is called in and Amy's life story unfolds in parallel with the lead investigator, Pru's back story. 


I thought the parallel story line worked perfectly here. Little by little, each woman's life is revealed and the suspense is continually ratcheted up. The character development was also phenomenal. I swung back and forth from sympathizing with Amy to really disliking her. The whole time her husband is there on the sidelines and you feel completely sorry for him. His complete an utter understanding and devotion though is the only part that didn't ring totally true for me in this story but that's really just a small part of an otherwise very compelling story.  


If you enjoy hunting or wilderness settings you'll really enjoy this one but even if you don't, this story is about so much more then that and absolutely worth checking out anyways. From just reading this book, you would never guess that this was Becquets 'adult' debut. It really is that good! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more from her.