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Bedlam at Beldame -4.5 stars...

The Elementals - Michael Rowe, Michael McDowell

Beldame - the home of three secluded houses on the Alabama coast and the summer retreat of the dysfunctional Savage and McCray families.


After the death of the matriarch Marian Savage, the families retreat to Beldame for a little peace and relaxation but what they get instead is far from it. The third house which has sat empty for years and has always had a sinister aura to it has other plans for the family. Can they root out the evil, manifested as sand, in the house before the evil and sand overtakes them, literally?


I wasn't sure what to expect with this book but I've always had a soft spot for gothic fiction so I was looking forward to delving into it. It's also set in my current home state of Alabama so I was really curious to see how McDowell portrayed the state and it's residents. : )  Let me tell you, he did not dissapoint! Really what I enjoyed most about the book, was how realistic the character's personalities and the family dynamics came across in the story. He did a fantastic job of recreating a dysfunctional Southern family. My two favorite characters though were the only two family members that lived outside the State of Alabama; Luker McCray and his precocious 13 year old daughter, India. They reside in New York City and there was never a dull moment between the two. Some of the dialogue between them and the family in general was just hilarious! : ) 


The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because the author never gave us a reason for the evil presence existing in the third house in the first place or a motive for its intentions to harm the family. Great story though otherwise; definitely recommend to all the Southern gothic fans out there.