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Accidental or Intentional? - 4.5 stars...

With Malice - Whitney Dykhouse, -Brilliance Audio on CD Unabridged-, Eileen Cook

Jill and Simone, two high school students and best friends, travel to Italy on a school trip. While abroad, Jill has a car accident and can't remember anything about her time in Italy. The book follows her recovery and her attempt to piece together the accident while it's also playing out in the media and papers across the world. She has to sift through what's real and what's not...


You know I really liked this book- a lot more then what I was expecting to. The author did a fantastic job portraying the media's role in the story. You really get a sense of how the media can manipulate the situation- turn fact into fiction, people into monsters and so forth. They take one thread and run with it -in anyway that will get the most ratings and uproar from the viewers. It really makes you think twice about believing anything you hear on the news and crime shows like Nancy Grace for example. 


I noticed a lot of reviewers didn't like the ending because it didn't thoroughly wrap up Jill's part in the story but I thought it did. It didn't come straight out and say "it" but I inferred what happened with no problem which is unusual for me. : ) I normally have to have my endings all wrapped up with a nice neat bow but this one worked for me. 


The narrator was also really good so if you like audio books this is a good one to listen to.