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Bookburners Season One: Episode 15...

Bookburners: Things Lost (Season 1, Episode 15) - Brian Francis Slattery, Mur Lafferty, Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap

In the aftermath of Team 3's showdown with Team 2 at the monastery, Team 3 went on the run & into hiding. The Vatican has placed guards around the Archives so Team 3 can't enter & is proceeding to have their leader, Father Menchú, defrocked.  Their only chance to save themselves is by getting back into the Archives but they'll have to make a deal with a demon or guardian angel to do it- which one he actually is, they haven't quite figured out yet... 


Just when it seemed their plan to enter the Vatican was going to go off without a hitch, the Team encountered a number of obstacles including several corrupt Vatican leaders which they were not expecting. 


I'm looking forward to seeing how they get out of this mess. They still have to deal with The Hand too. There's only one episode left so I'm wondering if it's all going to culminate in this final episode or continue over into Season 2. Probably a little bit of both I imagine which means I'm definitely going to have to read Season 2 if that's the case.  


*I received Bookburners: The Complete Season One from NetGalley & Serial Box Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! 


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