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Blackwater IV-The War - Michael McDowell

The War is the fourth book in the Blackwater Saga and continues the story of the Caskey family from Perdido, Alabama. As the title implies, this book focuses on the effect that the war has had on Perdido, the Caskey's Mill and the residents. There have been numerous life changing events happening with the Caskey's including a birth, a separation, a coming out, a marriage and several deaths. There's also been a shift of power in the matriarchy which has substantially changed the family dynamics, for at the moment, the better.


If you haven't read the Blackwater Saga before, you really should. It's fantastic and the characters are priceless! It's sort of a mesh of multiple genres- gothic, historical fic., horror, family saga, paranormal/supernatural etc., so I think really anyone would enjoy it.