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Trick or Treachery -Book #14...

Trick or Treachery (Murder, She Wrote, #14) - Donald Bain


I use to love to watch the Murder She Wrote series on TV but I've never read any of the books until now. I thought it would be fun to revisit the series during our Halloween Bingo and see if the books are as good as the show. This book in particular is set during the Halloween season & one of the older versions of this book has a pumpkin on the cover so it was also perfect for my "Pumpkin" square.


This is a fun story- all of the residents of Cabot Cove attend a Halloween costume party & what fun is a party without a murder. The story also features a ghost -The Legend of Cabot Cove and a visiting psychic.


Overall, it was a nice story to get in the Halloween spirit and it was fun revisiting Cabot Cove and its residents but after reading the book, I still like the tv show more. Each time Jessica visits a neighbor or store etc. on her handy dandy bicycle (If you've seen the show, you know is very frequently) they go through the same niceties over and over again which, in the book it felt too forced. On air, you don't notice it as much or at least I didn't at the time. I also think that the cinematic elements of the tv series make it a lot more suspenseful then the book which I liked. I haven't seen the show in a while though so it may come across differently to me now then it did when I was younger. 


I'm not totally going to forgo the book series. There are a couple more I'd like to read but I definitely don't see myself reading all 46 books. I am going to watch some Murder She Wrote reruns though. If you haven't seen the show yet, watch it first! 


*I read this for my 2016 Halloween Bingo: ~Pumpkin~ square