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A Dangerous Crossing...

A Dangerous Crossing - Rachel Rhys

This is very much a character-driven story about a group of passengers traveling from Britain to Australia on the SS Orontes to start a new life. They each have their own secrets and reasons for leaving their old life behind. As the 5 week voyage progresses, and class lines are blurred and relationships are formed- those secrets slowly rise to the surface under the strain of living in close proximity, with unbearable heat and mounting tension. It all comes to a head the night before departure, in one last explosive scene at their farewell ball.


I enjoyed this story and the characters immensely! They were all so well developed. The author also did a fantastic job keeping the reader in suspense throughout the entire book. You could really feel the underlying currents of tension and secrecy running among the main characters. I already miss the voyage myself, so much so, that I'm searching for another good shipboard story to read immediately.