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Robin and The Silkworm

The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith

So I just finished listening to the audiobook of The Silkworm and I think the narrator did a much better job in this book then he did in the first. The first book seemed so monotonous but in this one the narrator seems to really find the right voice for each character. Plus in the first book, it seemed like the suspect interviews went on and on and on whereas they were toned down more in this story so maybe that was the issue. Overall, I enjoyed this story more then the first. It kept my attention alot more throughout and I just love Robin, Strike's assistant. She is definitely my favorite character. Following her career and love life is just as much, if not more fun, then following the mystery itself! I have high hopes for her and Strike and her career as a P.I. so I will definitely listen to the next book just to find out what happens with her.