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Lair of Dreams - Libba Bray

I fell in love with The Diviners. The story and the audio narration featuring January LaVoy was fantastic! The Lair of Dreams audiobook also features LaVoy so I decided to listen to it instead of reading. I guess because The Diviners was so good, I really went into this with very high expectations. I should know by now, not to do that so I'm not left feeling disappointed which is exactly what happened to me. I started listening to the introduction and it was so unbelievably boring. I was thinking you've got to be kidding me-this is not happening! I really almost quit listening, but decided to give it a little bit longer.




The story is primarily about Diviners with the talent of dreamwalking. There is a sleeping sickness occurring throughout the city and the Dreamwalkers have to figure out the cause and find a way to stop it. It just seemed to me like they spent an awful lot of time dreamwalking and so did I.




Really though, after I got past the introduction, the story did become remarkably better but it wasn't anywhere near as good as The Diviners. There wasn't anything in particular I didn't like, but the story line just fell flat for me. I know the Lair of Dreams had some pretty big shoes to fill, following in The Diviners footsteps, but unfortunately it didn't even come close. Hopefully book #3 will...