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Who is Santa and how did he get to the North Pole?...

Who is Santa? And how did he get to the North Pole? - Stephen W. Bigalow

If you want to find out how Christmas came to be, who Santa is, why he moved to the North Pole, where elves came from, and all of those other questions about Santa you've been dying to know then you should check out Who is Santa by Stephen W. Bigalow. It answers all of those questions and more. It's pretty long though and the author says it written for an older child but you can read each chapter just as an individual story which does help to break it up some for the younger kids but it's still pretty daunting for a child. I'm not sure why authors keep writing these extremely long Christmas books for kids. It makes you wonder if they actually have any kids of their own. My 9 year old would not sit through even a couple pages so I definitely think it should be shortened. It does have some really fun stories, pretty pictures and everything you want to know about Santa if you can actually get your kids interested enough to sit down for long enough to read some of it.


*I received this ARC through FirstReads and the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!