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A Head Full of Ghosts

A Head Full of Ghosts - Paul G. Tremblay Merry, Merry quite contrary....So I just finished reading Paul Tremblay's A Head Full of Ghosts and it really left me with a head full of aches. I normally don't read too much horror but this seemed like it wasn't too over-the-top so I took a chance on it. It was weird but the story was also really good. You could almost believe that it truly happened and I had to check to see if it was based on true events, which actually made the story even better because it was believable. I didn't like the blog pages though, even after I find out who the author was. They were very distracting and I thought they took away from the overall story. The ending was also very ambiguous and I really hate endings like that so I deducted a whole star for that reason in itself. Merry just through me for such a loop at the end and I'm still asking myself who is truly the crazy one in that family???