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An Unkindness of Ravens

An Unkindness of Ravens - Ruth Rendell Another great book! I think what I like about Rendell's mystery/crime fiction compared to other authors is that she always includes so many twists and turns, murders, accidents etc and her books never follow the same pattern like Carolyn Hart & Anne Perry for ex. With their books, you always know exactly how the book is going to be laid out, what comes next and there is only one or two murders and thats it. Rendell does a great job in the Wexford series of keeping you interested, the action going and your left wanting to read more. Ive read a couple of her stand alones and I honestly havent cared for them like I do the Wexford series. They just seem slower and kind of boring to me. Maybe I havent read the right books. I definitely will continue reading this series though-stay tuned...