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Magyk - Angie Sage, Allan Corduner Septimus Heap Series, #1...

My 9 year old son and I listened to the audio version in the car. It was really good- a lot of fun! He got wrapped up in the story too which isn't an easy thing for boys. The narrators were fantastic though which makes a huge difference! I never listen to audio books with crappy narrators. I can tell in the first few minutes if they are going to be good or not. If they suck, they go right back to the library. : ) But anyways, this one was definitely a success. It had magic with fun spells, assassins on the hunt for a princess, cool characters- animals included and a lot of action to keep everyone entertained. We are looking forward to starting the next one in the series tomorrow.

"Crazy as a cuttlefish 
Nasty as a RAT
Put her in a pie dish
Give her to the CAT!”
-Angie Sage, Magyk