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Haunted (A Hannah Smith Novel)

Haunted (A Hannah Smith Novel) - Randy Wayne White Just finished audio book and I was very dissapointed. The 1st and 2nd Hannah Smith books were alot better. The first half of this book was terrible. There were so many subplots and snatches of this & that conversation it was just hard to follow and didn't make a whole lot of sense. I was like wtf?? After I got to about disc 4, the story seemed to come together a little so I could actually follow it at least. It almost seemed like one writer wrote the first half & someone else wrote the second half that's how disjointed the whole thing was. Also, there were alot of questions that were asked throughout the book that were never answered at the end. If I new I was never going to the questions answered I probably never would have finished the book. Another negative, I seemed to like Hannah ' s character in her first two books. I felt like she was portrayed as a smart, tough, independent, totally upfront woman. In this book, she came across as a ditzy and dumb and instead of her usual honest-say whats on your mind type she was evasive or she would just lie or tell you what you want to hear throughout the whole thing and it really greated on my nerves. Alot of the incidents could have been totally avoided if she would have just said something instead of hiding and lying. After this book, I don't even like her character anymore. It was just terrible writing and I'm really surprised White wrote this. His last couple books have been a disaster and he is definitely off his game right now. I hope he gets it together before he writes anymore. I just started listening to Cuba Straits. If it's as bad as the last two books I'm going to stop reading him for a while