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The Outer Wasteland...

Under the Never Sky (Lib)(CD) by Rossi, Veronica(February 14, 2012) Audio CD - Veronica Rossi

I had doubts about this one when I first started it because the main female character, Aria, was very naive and irritating. She is what they call a Dweller because she lives in an enclosed city called Reverie. She then ends up exiled from her home and has a chance encounter with an Outsider named Perry. Her and Perry spent a majority of the first part of the story arguing so I didn't too much care for it. Once her and Perry accepted each other though, as a Dweller and Outsider, then I started engaging in the story a lot more. Really from there on out, the book was great! The plot picked up and Aria started developing some much needed character. The ending was also one of the high points of the book. The audio narrator however was pretty crappy but she does grow on you after a while. I'll definitely be continuing the series but if the same narrator is used for book two, I'm probably going to stick with just reading it.