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Pennsylvania- Book 1...

Pennsylvania 1 (Volume 1) - Michael Bunker

I had no idea really what to expect when I decided to read Pennsylvania, an Amish/Sci-Fi serial but I'm glad I did pick it up because it has started off pretty good. There are five short novellas that make up the serial story. Book 1 starts off in this dystopic society called the North American Union which is divided into two groups of people; the Amish a.k.a. the Plain People and the English a.k.a. the city people. An Amish guy named Jedediah or "Jed" Troyer lives in Old Pennsylvania in the Amish Zone but he has signed up for a one way trip to a distant planet, New Pennsylvania, as part of an emigration program that's intending to colonize that planet. He is hoping to buy land and start a farm on some affordable land in the Amish community in this New PA colony. He runs into some issues though during his transport and all may not be as it seems...


What I enjoyed most about this story was the world building. It's really unique and imaginative and you can tell a lot of thought when into the details. It's very interesting and I look forward to learning more about it. There were a couple of instances in the plot though that I thought were a little too contrived and there wasn't really a backstory given for them but maybe we'll find that out in the next novella. I am definitely going to continue with it. It's really an interesting concept!