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The Rebellion is growing...

Frozen  - Erin Bowman

Frozen is the second book in the Taken trilogy. The rebels have left the security of their mountain hideout and are headed into cold weather territory in search of another settlement that they hope will join forces with them to fight the Franconian order. I love the non-stop action and the setting changes which mix up the story lines a bit. This is another really cool alternate world that I instantly was taken in by. There is however, a love triangle thing going on in this series between three of the main characters, Gray, Emma & Bree that kind of spiced up the plot at first but now it's to the point where I really could just do without it. Gray is just too wishy-washy about the whole thing. I wish he would just pick one and be done with it or they would both just drop him and move on so we can get this whole romance side plot out of the way. LoL It's not irritating enough to keep me from finishing this series though-just a minor annoyance. I can't wait to see how the rebels, ever-growing forces stack up against the Franconians in the last book, Forged! : )