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Through the Ever Night...

Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi

There's a lot going on in this series, enough to keep me entertained anyways but I'm just not particularly head over heels in love with it. I think mainly because, even though I like the alternate world it's set in, I can't say that I fully understand how the smart eye and the fractioning to the different realms could really work. Maybe if I could suspend my disbelief and ignore those pesky details then I might enjoy it more.


I'm also listening to the audio version of this series and I don't particularly care for either narrators. Now, Michael Goldstrom, the narrator of this second book is better then Bernadette Dunne Flagler, who narrates the first and third books of the series but neither one are great. Both of their voices are monotone and kind of boring with no real emotion behind their narration so that's not helping my experience either.


Rossi though, is very good with character development. I'm thoroughly invested now in all of the characters, especially Perry, Aria, Roar, Cinder and the Tides so I'm definitely going to continue with the final book. I wouldn't dare miss the outcome of their story for anything.