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The Angel of Death...

— feeling big smile
Raging Star - Moira Young

I'm going to have a huge book hangover from this one. I miss the Dust Lands and the characters-Saba, Emmi, Auriel, Mercy, Slim, Jack, DeMalo- all of them, already.


In Raging Star, Saba has to the blood moon, 7 days, to bring DeMalo down and although they call Saba the Angel of Death because she's won so many fights and has so many deaths on her head, she believes this is one battle that has to be won without weapons. That's not what her crew, the Free Hawks are use too though so they aren't too convinced of her plan. Anger, grief, fear, lies, resentment and betrayal boil beneath the surface not only in her crew but within the people of New Eden who have been wronged by DeMalo. Can she use that to her advantage and bring DeMalo down before the blood moon? 


I love everything about this series! Young literally transports you to another place with her writing. The language, the setting, the characters all just mesh together into this amazing, atmospheric story that will leave you speechless. I would love to see this turned into a movie. If you haven't read it yet, don't wait any longer. You're missing out!