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So Close, Yet So Far Away

A Million Suns - Beth Revis

A Million Suns is the follow up to Revis' first book, Across the Universe. Godspeed has a new leader, Elder. With the help of clues left behind by Orion, Amy and Elder are working to unravel all the secrets and lies the previous leader, Eldest, has tried hiding for so long. The ship is in chaos though because the residents have lived so long being mind-controlled that, that's all they really know. A lot of the residents want to keep the old ways and live on the ship forever, others however, including Amy, who has seen what real stars, grass and the sun is like and knows that there's more to life outside the walls of Godspeed, want off the ship. Someone else though, has different plans and is working against Elder and Amy, using any means necessary, to try and stop them from reaching Centauri-Earth. 


I really liked the way this story was laid out like a scavenger hunt, with Amy and Elder having to solve one clue to the next to learn the big secrets behind Godspeed. It was like one big adventure and a lot of fun trying to solve the puzzles. I actually enjoyed this book more then the first because it just wasn't as frexing weird. Their word not mine. : )