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The Last Apprentice/ Wardstone Chronicles Series-Book #6...

Clash of the Demons  - Joseph Delaney, Christopher Evan Welch

This has been a very consistent series; all of the books have been really good. I just finished the audio version of this sixth book, Clash of the Demons, and I liked it just as much as the other ones. 


In this installment, Mam, Tom's mother, enlists the help of Tom, Alice, the Spook, the Pendle witches, Bill Arkwright and the assassin Grimalkin to travel to Greece to help her battle the Ordeen. Of course, the fighters of the dark are reluctant to actually join forces with their dark enemies but they agree that it's the only chance they have of successfully destroying the Ordeen.


In the end, a few lives are lost and Tom makes some heavy sacrifices that I'm sure he'll have to answer to the Fiend for in the near future. Overall, it was an entertaining story with all of the characters battling together. I also enjoyed the change of scenery to Greece and I'm curious to see how things play out between Tom and the Fiend.