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From Internment to Havalais...

Burning Kingdoms - Lauren DeStefano

Burning Kingdoms is the second book in The Internment Chronicles series. It starts off where Perfect Ruin ended with some of the characters from Internment attempting to fly below the wind barrier to reach the ground, which they've been never been allowed to see. To say anymore then that would give to much of the plot away so I'll just say if you like the first book in the series, you should really enjoy this one. There isn't any second book syndrome going on with this one. If anything, I think this second book was actually better then the first. Where Perfect Ruin has a slow building plot with some dead spots and a few grammatical errors, Burning Kingdoms plot is action packed and the writing is a lot more polished. The world building though is what really hooked me to the series in the first place. The floating city and the world DeStefano has a built around it, is pretty cool and very unique. Also, I'm normally not real big into the romance portion of stories but I actually really enjoyed the romance/relationship that's played out between Morgan and Basil. They just also happen to be my two favorite characters so I'm looking forward to seeing what the last book, Broken Crowns, has in store for them.