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The Heir Apparent - Lauren DeStefano

I posted recently about how I was very dissapointed with the first novella in this series, No Intention of Dying. It was very, very short, listed at 14 pages but less then 8 on my device and it didn't contain any additional information about the character, Daphne, that wasn't already told in the series. Basically it wasn't worth the $1.99.


Which brings me to The Heir Apparent. It is the second novella in this series which I had purchased at the same time I bought the first one. It's also very, very short- listed at 16 pages but only about 10 on my device with all the extraneous pages removed and it features the character, Prince Azure. However, where the first novella came up short on content, this novella actually contained a few things about the Prince and the Attraction Camps that wasn't in the original series. Was it worth $1.99? No, not really but I didn't feel like I got completely shammed like I did with the first novella. You definitely won't be missing out on anything important though if you decide to forgo either one of these novellas.