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Still Reeling from Anyone?!...

Anyone? - Evolved Publishing LLC, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Angela Scott

I listened to the audio version of this last week and I'm still pondering over this book today! This is the perfect book for a buddy or group read. If I would have known it raised so many questions, I would have definitely read this one with a friend so we could bounce theories back and forth.


The story starts off with all hell breaking lose with fire etc. raining from the sky and Tess and her dad are running for the bunker that he's built in their back yard. Her brother, Toby, though is nowhere around so Tess's dad leaves her there to go find him. After weeks living in the bunker and they don't return, Tess decides to venture outside for supplies and to find a way to contact her dad. Along the way she befriends another survivor, Cole, who helps her find her dad....


I thoroughly enjoyed the main plot of the story and the narrator of the audio was great but I think it would have been good without a couple of the twists and added confusion that the author threw in toward the end. They really just created more questions which wouldn't have been so bad if they were actually answered. (*Minor Spoilers*) I'm still asking myself today:  Wtf was up with the ending? Was Cole real or not real? Why couldn't Cole see the guy at the mall and vice-versa? Why couldn't anyone at the bunker see Cole? Why was Tess affected and Cole wasn't? Why was Callie the kitten unaffected? What prevented Tess's dad & her brother Toby from coming back for her at the beginning? What caused Tess's dad to start preparing for "doomsday?" Who were the other "doomsday preparers" that Tess's dad was affiliated with at the mountain bunker? What part did the government play and why? And the list goes on....


So yeah, if you are planning to read or listen to this, do it with a buddy or else drive yourself nuts trying to analyze it on your own!