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Desert of Death...

Sunblind - Michael McBride

I've heard so many good things about Michael McBride so I bought like five or six of his books a couple months ago but I'm just now getting around to reading one of them. I can't believe I waited so long! Sunblind was fantastic! It's about a group of people from Mexico that are trying to cross the desert and the border into the U.S. but not only are they struggling to survive against the cartels, intense heat and dehydration but something far worse awaits them in the desert. 


McBride did such a great job of describing the terror that's in the desert! I was literally holding my breath through most of the story and even though I know that it's surely not real, you couldn't pay me to cross the desert now. I'll always have in the back of my mind what happened to those people and part of me will always wonder if there's some truth to the story. Now that's exceptional writing!