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Missed the Mark- 1.5 stars...

The Communication Room - Adam Aresty

"Leonard Ackerman works at a remote army base trying to solve the greatest threat facing mankind. An alien invasion that has eroded our species down to very few numbers as far as Ackerman can tell. His base is compromised and Ackerman retreats to a laboratory he has never been inside, locking himself there with the enemy right outside his door. Inside the lab are thirteen telephones—from the American civil war through to Ackerman’s present day, about 100 years from now."


"This laboratory seems to be some sort of closed experiment and Ackerman discovers that he cannot exit the lab until the experiment has run its course. The method and ultimate goal of the test is beyond his reach for now... but the first telephone rings and the only thing Ackerman can do is answer..."


I'll admit I was intrigued when I read the blurb for this book but I honestly did not enjoy the story like I thought I would. I understand what the author was trying to do but it just missed the mark for me, especially at the end. The ending just didn't gel with the actual closed experiment story line. I was left wondering if the ending was actually written for a totally different story. I also didn't feel any attachment to the characters so I had a hard time even staying interested in their outcome.  


*I received this ARC from NetGalley & Strange Fictions Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!




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