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The Book of Ivy Finale - 3.5 stars

The Revolution of Ivy - Amy Engel, Taylor Meskimen, Listening Library

This book wraps up the Book of Ivy duology and continues with Ivy trying to survive on the other side of the fence. She faces everyday challenges like finding food, water, shelter and she crosses paths with other Westfall rejects and people living on the outside, some good, some bad.


I would have enjoyed this story more if Ivy wasn't so irritating. She is a pathological liar and will literally lie about what she ate for breakfast. She would just compound one lie after another and honestly, some of the things she lied about were just so incredibly minor and stupid that it made the plot feel completely forced and unnatural. I think if the author wanted the story to go in a certain direction she definitely could have found a better way to do it.


Why can't the female protagonists be more like Saba from the Dustlands Trilogy or even Kelsea Raleigh Glynn from the Tearling Trilogy?? I'm so tired of reading about these whiny, lying, insecure, annoying females that lack self-confidence and make the worst decisions ever! Do I just know how to pick them or are strong female leads really the minority here??


If anyone knows of a series with a strong heroine (from beginning to end), I would love to know! Preferably within the sci-fi, space-opera, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, horror, steampunk or fantasy genres.  Thx!