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Beyond the Ice Limit: A Gideon Crew Novel (Gideon Crew series) - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Sometimes I just get in the mood for a little fun and entertainment and no one does it better then Preston & Child! Years ago when I first came across them, I devoured all of their individual and their combined books, one right after the other because I just couldn't get enough! They are that good & I've yet to come across a book of theirs that I haven't liked. Now some I rave over a little more then others of course, but every single book of theirs have been solid, well-written stories. I've tried to find other comparable authors so I can continue my arm chair adventures Preston & Child style while I'm waiting for a new book of theirs to drop but I've yet to come across anyone even remotely close to their capabilities. The other books I've tried usually have either corny characters I can't relate to or cheesy dialogue that's just annoying and distracts from the plot so needless to say, when a new Preston & Child book comes out I'm all over it!


This sequel to The Ice Limit especially, I've been waiting for. It's been a long time coming. If you're a big fan like me you're imagination has probably been running wild trying to guess which direction this sequel was going to go. I can honestly say my guesses were not even remotely close. I knew though that this sequel was going to have some pretty big shoes to fill because the original story was fantastic! Like with a lot of Preston & Child books though, you have to willingly suspend your disbelief and this one was no different but I found I had a harder time with this one. I just didn't care for the route it took with the 'alien' origins of the meteorite or the "worms." I also thought the ending was very anti-climatic! Overall, the sequel didn't live up to the original story unfortunately but it was still a fun story; good for when you want some entertainment that doesn't require a lot of brain power. 


*I received this ARC from NetGalley & Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review! Thank you!



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