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A 'Slow' Story!...

I Remember You: A Ghost Story - Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

Finally, I'm finished with this book! I felt like I kept reading & reading it would just never end! I wanted to read this book because I really like Simone St. James and she gave this book 5 stars on GR. I figured since Simone knows how to write fantastic ghost stories then it must be good. Well that just goes to show you that everyone has different tastes and expectations. A 5 star review for one person, may be a 3 star review for someone else...


Since I spent so much time on this book already, I'm going to make this short. The story was slow & boring. There were a couple of chapters that had some creepy parts but that was about it. All of the suspense was taken out of it by the author's writing style of tell, tell, tell. It had the perfect Icelandic setting and could have been very atmospheric but even it wasn't done well. The majority of the story actually read more like crime fiction, so if you're in the mood for a good creepy ghost story, I would find something else to read!