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Bookburners Season One: Episode 6

Bookburners: Big Sky (Season 1, Episode 6) - Mur Lafferty, Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Brian Francis Slattery

Tanner City, Oklahoma -  known for their many tornadoes and the site of Team 3's current mission. One of the local boy's, Jacob, has magical gifts just like his grandfather. Many years ago his grandfather created "Tornado Eaters" to keep the tornadoes away from the city. When another tornado is seen on the horizon, Jacob, trying to be like his grandfather, unleashes the Tornado Eaters to protect the city but he gives the wrong orders so now the Tornado Eaters see the town and everyone in it as a threat. Can the Bookburners take down the Tornado Eaters before they take down the city and everything in it?


I really enjoyed this episode a lot because we were treated to a close-up of the other teams, Team 1 and Team 2, in action.


Team is a full combat team and they normally come in to clean up or when Team 3 needs some serious backup. They have some very cool magical abilities, armor and powerful weapons that they don for their missions.


Team 2 is responsible for diplomacy and public relations. They basically smooth over the situation in the aftermath and construct plausible 'lies' to tell the public, news stations, officials etc.


And just to clarify, Team 3, the Bookburners and main focus of this serial, handles acquisition and storage. They retrieve books and securely and safely store them in their archives.


*I received Bookburners: The Complete Season One from NetGalley & Serial Box Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! 


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