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Who is Elinor Dammert?...

— feeling unhappy
Blackwater I: The Flood - Michael McDowell

In 1919 the town of Perdido, Alabama floods and the residents must evacuate to higher ground. On one of the last boat trips out to make sure everyone has reached safety, Oscar Caskey & his servant Bray come across Elinor Dammert in a flooded out building. No one is sure how she got there or where she came from but she inserts herself into the town and the wealthy Caskey family with ease...


I knew after I read The Elementals that I just had to read more of McDowell's books. I absolutely love the Southern Gothic atmosphere and the realistic characters and family dynamics that he creates. He also has this wonderful, very subtle way of building suspense. Take for instance Elinor Dammert- you know that something just isn't right with her, you don't know quite what, but you damn well want to find out and will keep reading until you do. That's the real beauty of this story and McDowell's writing.


If you like Southern Gothic stories, come to Perdido and meet Elinor- you won't be disappointed!