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Foray into Western...

Vengeance Road - Erin Bowman

Although I don't get around to doing much of either lately, I love watching old western movies and TV shows and reading some of the old western books. There is just something about the American Old West with its gritty outlaws & gunslingers, the frontier towns, saloons & quick draw duels that just speak to me. So of course when I saw Erin Bowman was writing a YA western, I had to see what it was all about...


Did it measure up? Let's just say I'm glad that YA authors are starting to dabble in the Western genre but I wouldn't call Vengeance Road a true western. True westerns I think are more hard core and this book was definitely a mild-soft core version. It was still good though and I think if you're not a huge fan of Westerns you can still read this book and enjoy it. I'm not sure if that's what Bowman was aiming for or if it was just toned down for a younger audience or if she just missed the mark a little since it was her first foray into the genre. Whatever the reason, like I said, it was a decent trip to the wild frontier as long you don't go into it, expecting it to compare to those old classics you use to watch with your dad because needless to say, it will not.