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Hunters Become Prey...

Snowblind - Michael McBride

In Snowblind, four college friends have been going hunting every year together but this year instead of hunting, they are being hunted. Someone or something is stalking them through the woods & every time they think they have a planned worked out to thwart their stalkers, their stalkers are two steps ahead of them...


I absolutely loved it! It's the perfect story for a cold weather night - or even when it's a 100 degrees in the shade as it is here. Since the temp doesn't ever seem to want to drop around here, I have to read these cold weather stories and imagine the wind and snow on my face. The imagery in this one was perfect for this, but the terrifying feel of being hunted had my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping so cooling down went completely out of the picture. 


McBride subtly but perfectly incorporates his "horror elements" (avoiding spoilers) and uses the landscape to increase the tension which I think is even more thrilling and terrifying then a story that uses a bunch of over-the-top unrealistic elements.


If you have any plans for a winter hunting trip or vacation in the mountains, you might not want to read this before you go. It definitely made me appreciate the intense heat & flat rolling grasslands a little more. : )