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Destroyer (Rewinder Series)

Destroyer (Rewinder Series) - Brett Battles Listened to audio and the performance was good but several things about this book irked the shit out of me! For one, Denny himself. He does some of the stupidest things throughout this book- like losing his chaser (his time travel device) over and over and over again. How hard is it to keep up with a little box? I just don't get it. By the end of the book, I wanted to glue it to his forehead.

Which brings me to Denny's next bright idea. At the end of the book, he just falls asleep next to his enemy!! Anyone who has watched a scary movie or thriller knows what comes next. I mean seriously what genius lays down and goes to sleep right next to the person whose been trying to kill them, for long enough to know it's obviously not the best decision. On top of that, what happened to adrenaline in this type of situation?? I deducted 1 whole star for that scene right there because I listened to this book back in August and it's still fresh in my mind and irritating as hell.